Unsalted Butter AOP isigny refill

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Unsalted Butter AOP isigny refill

Product Code: l20880048
Unit Weight : 0.025 kg
Product Available : by order
Area Of Origin: Normandie
Milk Type: Pasteurized cows milk

General Information

The virtues of lsigny AOP Butter have been extolled by gourments and discerning gastronomes since the 16th century. It has a delicate flavor, which gently unfolds in the mouth, releasing notes of mild hazelnut and milk. The milk from the heartland of lsigny AOP zone is naturally rich and caratinoids, lsigny Butter is recognizable by its inimitable buttercup yellow and is one of very few butters ti have granted the status of an AOP which is a mark of both hightest quality and authenticity.