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To ensure that we supply the most consistent, high quality products, we carefully handle with only dairy expertise who use the excellent qualified milk in each region in France and treat them with the greatest care, choosing the best lactic starters, optimizing the maturation time yet using traditional methods. Our cheeses as a result ripened in rich aromas and have distinctive colors and flavors, thanks to the prodigious care taken by our Master Cheesemakers.

We are the sole exclusive representative of the following global brands:

Eurial Poitouraine Group

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  Soignon logo Grand Fermage logo
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Merci Chef Ligueil  

Bongrain Group

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  Caprice des Dieux logo
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Boursault logo Bresse Bleu logo  Chaumes logo
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 Coeur de Lion logo Etorki logo Fauquet Maroilles logo
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Papillon logo Saint-Andre logo  

BEL Group

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  Boursin logo  

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Delpeyrat logo   Isigny Sainte-Mere logo