About Cheese / Brief Cheese Story


In the beginning

Cheese dates back to before recorded history, perhaps as far back as 6,000 B.C. We know that cheese was part of the Sumerian diet, 4000 years before the birth of Christ, made from both cows’ and goats’ milk and stored in tall jars. Egyptian tomb murals circa 2000 B.C. show butter and cheese being made, and other murals which show milk stored in skin bags suspended from poles demonstrate a knowledge of dairy husbandry. An enormous variety of cheeses are made, in virtually most countries in Europe..


Cheese today 

France, today is the largest producer of cheese in Europe, making over 1,400,000 tons a year. Modern technology is used extensively in production, guaranteeing the highest standard of hygiene and quality yet traditional procedures strictly remain. Right from the point of production – the animals themselves – strict quality control is in operation, which continues through the milking and milk collection right up until the final production process.

The French cheeses we eat today are made by methods which combine the very best of modern technology together with the experience of hundreds of years of cheese-making.

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